Anabelle Smith - Diving

Anabelle Smith

Hi, my name is Anabelle Smith

I am passionate about Education because from a young age I have been taught by my parents about the endless benefits of a good education. I believe education has the power to enrich our lives and gives us the freedom to grow and make informed choices.


Sport:                                                   Diving

Born:                                                    Melbourne

Lives:                                                   Melbourne                                         

Olympic Games:                                  London 2012 & Rio 2016

Olympic Results:                                  Bronze in Rio and 5th in London (3m synchronised)       


Primary School:                                   Holy Saviour Primary School

High School:                                        Sacre Coeur

Favourite subject:                                PE and Maths

Favourite memory from school:           Interschool Sports and House Carnivals



Childhood ambition:                            To become a paediatrician

Favourite toy growing up:                    Pogo stick

Favourite gadget:                                Binoculars

Best holiday:                                        Santorini

Band/music/song you love                   Beyoncé

Favourite food:                                    Sushi

Earliest memory:                                  Playing in the back yard

Role model / idol:                                 Stephen Curry

Interests other than sport:                    Adventure, travel

Football team:                                      Richmond Tigers

Sportsmanship means ….                    Smiling and shaking your opponents hand win/ lose/ draw



What is one of your greatest memories from the Olympic Games?
Being right in front of the finish line for Usain Bolt’s 100m final in London!

How did you come to participate in your chosen sport? How old were you?
I started in a holiday program at my local pool when I was 11

What is the importance of sport for you in your life? 
It has allowed me to be strong and healthy and extend my endless energy! 


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