Dane Bird-Smith - Athletics

Dane Bird-Smith

Hi, my name is Dane Bird-Smith

As a future teacher and Olympian I am extremely excited to be a part of the Education Ambassador program. I believe Education is the first step to achieving, our future generations need to know the opportunities they have in front of them so they can widen their horizons and pursue their dreams.

As an athlete it's important to understand everything involved in your sport and to be proactive in learning more so that you can become the best athlete you can be. This is the same in all walks of life and as a student in an Education degree I am really looking forward to making an impact with the leaders of tomorrow.


Sport:                                                   Athletics - Race Walking

Born:                                                    July 15 1992

Lives:                                                   Brisbane                                            

Olympic Games:                                  Rio 2016

Olympic Results:                                  Bronze Medal - 20km Walk     


Primary School:                                   Rainworth State School

High School:                                        Indooroopilly High, Saint Peters Lutheran College

Favourite subject:                                Marine Studies

Favourite memory from school:           Cross Country carnivals



Childhood ambition:                             Become an Olympian

Favourite toy growing up:                     Pokemon cards

Favourite gadget:                                 GPS watch

Best holiday:                                        Travelling the UK and Paris

Band/music/song you love                   Black Eyed Peas

Favourite food:                                    Sushi

Earliest memory:                                  Sitting on a playground with a blue whale

Role model / idol:                                 John Steffenson, Luke Adams, Luke Power, Micheal Voss

Interests other than sport:                    Travel, scuba diving

Football team:                                      Brisbane Lions

Sportsmanship means ….                    Always giving 100% against your rivals. And always remain humble in victory and defeat



What is one of your greatest memories from the Olympic Games?
My earliest memories fro the olympics was 2000 in Sydney, i remember watching the Beach Volleyball, all the athletics with Cathy Freeman as a huge inspiration, and the devastating story of Jane Saville. From London I watched the mens race with a heart of disappointment as I wanted to be there which later turned into a fire of determination for Rio 2016.

How did you come to participate in your chosen sport? How old were you?
I was at a school competition and my teacher needed a competitor for the race walk event, she told me it would mean points for the school and she knew I would be up for a challenge, I told her I had never walked before in my life and I couldn't do it, she just said why not? and I never had a proper reason so I went in the event and it turns out I was pretty natural at it. This was when I was 15, I didn't start training properly until I was about 18 and heading into the World Junior Championships.

What is the importance of sport for you in your life? How have you continued living a healthy and active lifestyle since retiring from sport?
I have always craved competition and athletics is one fo the most pure forms, its 100% down to you on the day there is nobody else who can hinder or help you. It bears all your weaknesses for the world to see yet it celebrates the amazing feats the human body can achieve. I am yet to retire and I hope to continue racing for a long time, and post retirement I am sure I will struggle to relax without going for a training session.


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