Keesja Gofers - Water polo

Keesja Gofers

Hi, my name is Keesja Gofers

I am passionate about education because any child can excel if they are given the right tools. To share an experience that might inspire the next generation is a huge honour.


Sport:                                                   Water Polo

Born:                                                    1990

Lives:                                                   Sydney, Australia                               

Olympic Games:                                  Rio 2016

Olympic Results:                                  6th


Primary School:                                   Beecroft Primary School

High School:                                        MLC Burwood

Favourite subject:                                Visual Arts

Favourite memory from school:           Dressing up on sports carnival days



Childhood ambition:                             1. To convince my mum, I could have dessert even if I didn’t finish my dinner
                                                             2. To go to the Olympic Games. (I only managed to accomplish one of these)

Favourite toy growing up:                     Battery operated dog (I took it everywhere when I was 3, even after the batteries stopped working)

Favourite gadget:                                 Pacer

Best holiday:                                         Bluey Beach, NSW

Band/music/song you love                    Destiny’s Child

Favourite food:                                     Cookies

Earliest memory:                                   Refusing to leave behind my battery operated dog (he even made into that year’s family photo)

Role model / idol:                                 Deb Watson

Interests other than sport:                    Floristry, Pugs and Puns

Football team:                                      Sydney Swans

Sportsmanship means ….                    Trying your hardest no matter the result but never at the detriment of someone else. 



What is one of your greatest memories from the Olympic Games?
Yvette Higgins’ goal in the final seconds of the Sydney 2000 Olympic final for the Australian Women’s Water Polo team to win the gold medal.

How did you come to participate in your chosen sport? How old were you?
I copied my elder sisters. I played half a game when I was 6 years old because my sisters’ team didn’t have enough players. I started playing for my own team when I was ten years old.

What is the importance of sport for you in your life? How have you continued living a healthy and active lifestyle since retiring from sport?
Sport has taught me a lot about respecting other people, the rewards of trying your best and persisting with what you love and the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Sport has also given me the chance to travel the world as well as make friends for life.