Rhydian Cowley - Athletics

Rhydian Cowley

Hi, my name is Rhydian Cowley

I am passionate about Education because passing on knowledge helps to build a better future.

Sport:                                                   Athletics (20km Walk)
Born:                                                   1991
Lives:                                                   Glen Waverley, Melbourne
Olympic Games:                                  Rio 2016
Olympic Results:                                  33rd

Primary School:                                    Rowville Primary and Syndal South Primary
High School:                                         Glen Waverley Secondary College and Melbourne High
Favourite subject:                                 History
Favourite memory from school:            Helping my House to 4 consecutive wins in the Inter- House competition at MHS

Childhood ambition:                              To know a lot
Favourite toy growing up:                     Mickey
Favourite gadget:                                 A pen
Best holiday:                                         Having a week to enjoy the Olympics after my competition finished
Favourite food:                                     Rice
Earliest memory:                                  Getting in trouble for writing on a wall while on holiday as a cheeky 3 or 4 year old
Role model / idol:                                 Jared Tallent
Interests other than sport:                    Pokémon, History
Football team:                                      Melbourne Victory
Sportsmanship means ….                    Playing fairly and respecting your opponent(s) and officials no matter the outcome.

What is one of your greatest memories from the Olympic Games?
Seeing my friend, training partner and teammate win bronze in my race. He and I went through a lot of the journey to the Olympics together so it was satisfying to be a part of.

How did you come to participate in your chosen sport? How old were you?
I first did walking at Little Athletics when I was 8. I was good at it, so I stuck with it, although I only started considering being able to make an Olympics when I was much older, about 18-19.

What is the importance of sport for you in your life? How have you continued living a healthy and active lifestyle since retiring from sport?
Sport is very important to me not just to keep active and healthy, but also from a social perspective as I have made a lot of friends from my sport (both at a local, national and international level). I hope that the social side of things helps keep me active and involved even when I'm finished

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