Pacific School Games


In 2017, the Australian Olympic Committee will be supporting the Pacific School Games after great success in 2015.

Incomparable to any other international school sport championship, the Pacific School Games provides opportunities for around 4000 school-aged students to participate in 11 different sports at the highest level. It is the flagship event of School Sport Australia, which provides educational opportunities for Australian and international students through the conducting of games in a range of sports.

Students aged between 10 – 19 years from at least 15 countries, including every Australian State and Territory, will compete from December 3 – 9, 2017. Australian students qualify for the Games through their state or territory school sport unit pathways and international students follow their national school sporting association pathways.

An all-inclusive program will be conducted in various age groups and categories in the following sports:

  • Basketball – 12 Years & Under Boys and Girls
  • Diving – 10 – 19 Years Boys and Girls
  • Football (Soccer) – 12 Years & Under Boys and Girls; 15 Years & Under Boys; and 17 Years & Under Girls
  • Goalball (for vision impaired) – 16 Years & Under Mixed Boys and Girls
  • Golf – 12 Years & Under Boys and Girls; 17 Years & Under Boys and Girls
  • Hockey  12 Years & Under Boys and Girls; 16 Years & Under Boys and Girls
  • Netball – 12 Years & Under; 15 Years & Under Girls
  • Softball  12 Years & Under Boys and Girls; 17 Years & Under Boys and Girls
  • Touch Football  12 Years & Under Boys and Girls; 15 Years & Under Boys and Girls
  • Track and Field  10 to 12 Years Boys and Girls

The focal point of the Pacific School Games is to expand on the activities of the member bodies across Australia and their international guests in order to participate in competitions offered at both primary and secondary levels. Sporting disciplines are an integral part of the Pacific School Games, but they also offer an immense educational, multicultural and social benefit for participants.

  • The core components of the Pacific School Games are:
    to ensure a high level of international sporting competition
  • to include curricular, educational and cultural opportunities; and
  • to provide opportunities to interact in a multicultural environment with visiting nations.

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