Kenny & Jacob visit Biggera Waters State Primary school

Jacob Clear © AOC

Last week Olympic Gold Medallists and Kayak paddlers, Jacob Clear and Ken Wallace attended Biggera Waters State Primary School and spoke to students at their daily assembly about goal setting and what it is like to represent our country at the Olympic Games.

Both Ken and Jacob have recently been selected on their third Australian Olympic Team to go to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

London Olympic Gold medalist Jacob Clear Clear showed off his medal to the very excited students, who asked the boys some fantastic questions like 'How fast can you paddle?'. The response was, it is a little faster than what your parents should be driving in a shopping center car park, just over 20kph.

Kenny and Jacob will join the rest of the men's Olympic kayak team who are now in Europe preparing to race at three different World Cups in preparation for the Rio Olympic Games.



Ashleigh Knight