Watts inspires UTS students to get boxing

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Shelley Watts - UTS Boxing Session
Shelley Watts - UTS Boxing Session
Shelley Watts - UTS Boxing Session
Shelley Watts - UTS Boxing Session
Shelley Watts - UTS Boxing Session

EDUCATION: We all know donning the gloves and getting in the boxing ring is a fantastic way to get fit and who better to provide some tips than a Rio Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist. 

Students at the University of Technology, Sydney had a special guest coach for their regular Tuesday boxing session, as 2016 Olympian Shelley Watts put the fitness fanatics through an elite training session.

Watts said it was fantastic to see the students so enthusiastic and keen to get involved with the sport.  

"The students seemed to love the session! I took them through different games, skills and drills, all of which I have used in my training leading into major international events," said Watts who competed in the Women's 60kg division at the Rio 2016 Games. 

"And then at the end of the session, after having them learn basic boxing defences, attacks and movements, I tested their fitness with a pyramid round of punches and push-ups! 

It wasn't Watts' first visit to UTS, which also doubles as the home for the Australian Centre for Olympic Studies, after she and three other Rio Olympians presented to students last October about their Olympic journeys. 

"I had been to the UTS Housing residence once before with the AOC for a Meet with the Champ session & this time around the staff and students were just as welcoming," said Watts. 

Anirudha Saha, the Residential Life Officer at UTS Housing said learning about a particular sport from an Olympian was both exciting and enjoyable for students. 

"Shelley was awesome and inspiring. The residents definitely had a lot of fun, and they were quite excited to meet and learn from her," said Saha.

"The session covered the basics of boxing. Shelley got the residents to go through some fun drills and games too. All in all, a fun and enjoyable session."

For 28-year-old Watts, who often takes on the role as an Olympic Education ambassador the chance to teach others about her beloved sport is always a positive one. 

"I love being able to pass on the knowledge I have thanks to boxing, so in these sessions, I make sure to teach the class the basic and necessary boxing techniques, defensive movements and punches.

"Boxing is such an awesome sport, about tactics, skills and smarts, not violence as many assume, so I teach all of these amazing things!" 

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