Eat like a Champ

Eat like a Champ is a health education program teaching the benefits of healthy eating to young Australians and their families.

This national resource encourages school students to follow their Olympian heroes to ‘Eat like a Champ’ by providing an understanding of good nutrition for sport and good nutrition for life.

There are nine lessons in total:

  •   Three for Stage 2 (Year 3, 4)
  •   Three for Stage 3 (Year 5, 6)
  •   Three for Stage 4 (Year 7, 8)

The program links to the new national Health and Physical Education curriculum (Draft), the NSW K–6 PDHPE Syllabus and PDHPE Years 7–10 Syllabus as well as the Australian Guide to Health Eating.

The resource features video content of Olympians sharing information about nutrition for their sport as well them cooking their favourite healthy recipes.

The lessons are provided in a digital format and are available to download for free from the Resource section of the Olympic education website.

Eat like a Champ lessons:

Stage 2
Eating a balanced diet
Refueling and the right foods
Fueling an Olympian

Stage 3
Food Choices
What's in our food?
Food Classification & Labelling

Stage 4
The Benefits of a Balanced Diet
Energy Scales
How Nutritious is your School Canteen?