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Make an Olympic medal

Middle Primary;

Participants create a replica of an Olympic medal of their choice. This workshop allows talking about Olympic medals and their symbolism

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Take the Olympic Quiz

Lower Secondary; , Health and Physical Education, Civics & Citizenship

Ten questions to test the participants’ Olympic knowledge. True or false? Who will be the first to find the answer?

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Make an Olive Wreath

Middle Primary;

Participants create an olive wreath. This workshop gives rise to talking about how winners of the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece (Olympia) were celebrated: they were crowned with an olive wreath (“kotinos” in Greek).

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a.s.p.i.r.e. values

Upper Primary; Health and Physical Education

Students learn about the a.s.p.i.r.e. values in more detail. They discuss the values of attitude, sportsmanship, pride, individual responsibility, respect and express yourself and relate each to their local context and situation.

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